Return-code vs. Exception handling

(Originally authored Feb 2008.  This is a revision of an older post from before I began blogging on the internet at large.  It’s been edited for style, not content)

This is one of those “religous wars” in programming language theory; return code handling (RCH) vs exception handling (EH).  Firstly, I am biased.  Secondly, I will try to remain objective as well, partitioning observations of code using these mechanism from how I feel this reflects on the utility of either mechanism.  I tend to _prefer_ EH in general, but not universally, and generally follow the viewpoint that “exceptions are for exceptional things”.  With that aside…

Raymond Chen wrote an article a while back on RCH vs EH[2]. There, he points out accurately some facts about code review of RCH and EH, concluding that it’s generally harder to conclude the failure-safety of some example the RCH code than some comparable EH code.

He’s right.  And he’s wrong.  His article is incomplete.  Lets start with defining the playing field.

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