KSP – Budget (Challenge)

It’s time for another Weekly Challenge: Budget Crisis. This time, Reddit challenges us to visit a Kerbin moon in 15 parts or less.

The part about deadly reentry is real. I have an unofficial tweak to the Deadly Reentry mod, (my fork is on github). In short, all but the shallowest approaches results in breaking apart and exploding.

Non-determinism from generators

UPDATE(7/3/2013) I’ve found an earlier use of this technique written about on a blog, Valued Lessons – Monads in Python from 2008. Please read it too!


I was tinkering a bit tonight with simulating nondeterminism a-la McCarthy’s Amb operator — in Python. This is peculiar as Amb is usually implemented using either first class continuations or syntactic abstractions. Python supports neither.

So what is non-deterministic programming? Continue reading “Non-determinism from generators”