KSP Lalande log 2

// 51228 Solar Science Probe

Mun base construction lacks sufficient solar technology; rush construction of a solar science probe. Collect about 100 science for unlocking advanced electronics. 1×6 solar panels and KIS screwdriver will be essential for Munar colony mission to follow. Image

// 51228b Mun base Alpha hab dry run

Deployed the Mun base Alpha lander and hab assembly kit on Kerbin near KSC to verify proper function of KIS assembly and practice base assembly. Forgot screwdriver. Delivered screwdriver by UAV. Some glitches in assembly, but all mistakes were correctable. Crew quarters and hydroponics deployed. Need further verification to ensure sufficient electrical supply; may need supplementary solar to be delivered later. Dry run success. Image 1, 2.

// 51229 Mun base Alpha deployment

Developed new 20t lifter. 4 booster + 1 stage to orbit. Additional 2.5m x 2 fuel pod added for Mun transfer burn and orbital capture, to be left in orbit for future refueling needs. Deployment and assembly of base successful. Misunderstanding about supplies stored in inventory; will need to figure out how to resupply within 15 days. Image at Kerbin, landing, unpacking, assembled.

KSP – Lalande Server log 1

Getting back into Kerbal Space Program with some folks using the multiplayer mod. Taking mission notes to refer back to.

// 51224 Mun landing

Manned mission to Mun for science and practice. First attempt success. Touched down 1.2km from CK’s landing zone (for the bragging rights). Image 1, 2.

// 51225 Minmus probe

Unmanned probe to land on Minmus and collect science. First launch failed; insufficient batteries, became space trash. Redesigned. Successful landing. Image 1, 2.

// 51226 Minmus manned landing

Staging malfunction in first mission resulting in early return. Second mission success. Gathered samples from two biomes and some science experiments. 441.5 science gathered. Image.

// 51226b Space station science module

Adding a science module to CK’s existing station. Only had a crew report to add; should consider future mission to bring surface samples up to space for study to increase science yield. Docking a little stressful due to low FPS due to multiplayer mod, but docking was successful, no damage. Problems deorbiting main lifter; left as space trash (sorry!). Image 1, 2.