KSP Lalande log 3

// 60101 Mun autolander program test Second iteration of autoland script for kOS. Script waits until over target within 10 degrees, then executes retro burn followed by pitch control to track onto landing target. Multiple failed iterations. Current script does not auto-throttle for descent phase, but managed to crash directly into the landing target. Success. […]

KSP Lalande log 2

// 51228 Solar Science Probe Mun base construction lacks sufficient solar technology; rush construction of a solar science probe. Collect about 100 science for unlocking advanced electronics. 1×6 solar panels and KIS screwdriver will be essential for Munar colony mission to follow. Image // 51228b Mun base Alpha hab dry run Deployed the Mun base […]

Pruning collision detection with a 1D sort

Recently I was trying out Phaser.io. It’s a nifty little HTML5/JS game development framework for 2D games with graphics, audio, physics, etc. It’s free, and MIT licensed. Anyway, I ran into a limitation in its physics optimization. You can collide object-to-object, or entire groups of objects to other groups. Colliding entire groups at a time […]

(Mostly) Imperative Packrat Parsing

I’ve been tinkering with monadic parser combinators combined with continuations (see Monads, Mother of All), but my latest toy simplifies all that by using PEG grammars. PEGs and CFGs are nearly interchangable for most parsing of computer languages, and can be parsed in linear time and space by packrat parsing — parsing with backtracking, but […]