Native Client at UWCS lecture

Available for streaming and download, Google Native Client presented at UW’s computer science lecture series. Covers the restrictions on x86 code, new alignment rules, and performance on various benchmarks. 5% overhead, that’s nothing compared to many other sandboxing techniques. Native client is 50KB download?  Wild. It really is just a gatekeeper, runtime library separate. Of […]

CLOS circa 1987, Dynamic Dispatch in C++/C#

As reported by programming musings, Common Lisp Object Standard presentation, by Daniel G Bobrow. Some reflections: Fast Multiple Dispatch "[for dynamic method resolution] A cache of 1000 entries is hit 98% of the time".  Assuming this is accurate, it explains how you could get by with the cached virtual dispatch lookup that the desktop […]

Static typing where possible, dynamic typing when needed

  From the discussion paper by authors Erik Meijer and Peter Drayton, as reported on Lambda the Ultimate: Unfortunately there is a discontinuity between contemporary statically typed and dynamically typed languages as well as a huge technical and cultural gap between the respective language communities. The paper goes on to list 8 different static or […]