KSP – Lalande Server log 1

Getting back into Kerbal Space Program with some folks using the multiplayer mod. Taking mission notes to refer back to.

// 51224 Mun landing

Manned mission to Mun for science and practice. First attempt success. Touched down 1.2km from CK’s landing zone (for the bragging rights). Image 1, 2.

// 51225 Minmus probe

Unmanned probe to land on Minmus and collect science. First launch failed; insufficient batteries, became space trash. Redesigned. Successful landing. Image 1, 2.

// 51226 Minmus manned landing

Staging malfunction in first mission resulting in early return. Second mission success. Gathered samples from two biomes and some science experiments. 441.5 science gathered. Image.

// 51226b Space station science module

Adding a science module to CK’s existing station. Only had a crew report to add; should consider future mission to bring surface samples up to space for study to increase science yield. Docking a little stressful due to low FPS due to multiplayer mod, but docking was successful, no damage. Problems deorbiting main lifter; left as space trash (sorry!). Image 1, 2.

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