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For your Scheme quick reference needs:

A while back I had explored the problem of the “ideal” programming language quick-reference card. If you’ve worked a bit in a particular language and then shelve it for a while, all you need is something to jog your memory. It should list common syntax and functions, and their arguments. It should also be very small – if you have to flip through many pages to find what you want, you might as well Google it.

A recent work project had me digging up my QR list for Scheme. It was already too big to fit on an index card, and yet was lacking input/output. Then I remembered reading about PocketMod on LifeHacker, a trivial scheme to create a small booklet from a common letter/A4 sized page. Bingo.

The above links provide the first draft. Enjoy free-of-charge for personal use.

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  1. Hi Aaron,

    I found your card while working on Julia (which uses femptolisp as a parser). I’ve been hacking it down to the subset of scheme that femptolisp implements and I’d like to add my variation to the cards I’ve been doing for Julia so that future femptolispers can benefit.

    This will end up as 1 A4 page, landscape. Credit will be given to you for the original scheme card. Would that be ok?


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